CureOmics is built on a foundation of scientific know-how. Our core effort is focused on building evolutionary solutions for drug development of pharmaceuticals and healthcare products using innovative digital technologies.

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Driven by intelligent and powerful technologies, the global healthcare market is undergoing a digital transformation to address operational challenges, growing competition and enter new business models.


Catalysed by advancement in Omics disciplines, big-data analytics and the intelligent combination of molecular with clinical information, we see digitalization as one driver for improved drug development in the future.

Cureomics' designs its digital tools as complementing solutions that allow third parties non-disruptive implementation to gain short- and long term value. We support operations to evolve towards new standards while assuring continuation of existing capabilities and expertise.

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CureOmics combines with an innovative concept different scientific disciplines that we identified to be of significant value in future drug development.

Our digital solution creates insight and knowledge and employs a technology platform to improve efficacy and safety profiles of developing drugs. We believe our unique digital tools can efficiently and meaningful address core operational challenges of the pharmaceutical market, including the pressure to improve TPP profiles, reduce clinical attrition rate and managing competition through IP.

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We conduct research and cooperate with third parties from the private and public sectors in the development of novel therapeutic and preventive options.


Our research-focus for drug development targets complex interrelated pathologies from the disciplines of dermatology, neurology, cardiovascular diseases, oncology and gynaecology.

CureOmics' research for the development of novel food-supplements and FSMP is tailored around innovations for prevention and well being with low/no alternative options in the market.